Freedom Park and Haske are closed July 6

Freedom Park and Haske are closed tonight. All Thursday games, including the suspended games, are pushed to Friday 7/7.

  • At Haske, Friday’s Championship game is pushed to Saturday at 4:30pm. The if-needed game is pushed to Sunday at 4:30pm.
  • At Freedom Park, Friday’s games are pushed to Saturday morning. Saturday’s games will be moved to Good Times Park on Sunday afternoon.

All games and times are subject to further change as we confirm field, volunteer, and umpire availability. Plus, of course, weather.

For the suspended games now being resumed on Friday, the pitching rules (4g) posted last night still apply.

From the Green Book, page 133, rule 4h:

In a game (“Game A”) suspended by darkness, weather, or other causes and resumed more than one calendar day later, the provisions of (g) above shall apply…

Since we are still playing the games in order the pitcher won’t pitch in any game in between and the rest of rule 4h will not apply.

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