Welcome to Virginia District 16 Little League, serving baseball and softball players in Loudoun and Fauquier counties. Central Loudoun, Dulles, Greater Fauquier, Loudoun Girls Softball, Loudoun South, Lower Loudoun, and Upper Loudoun Little Leagues welcome you.

The District coordinates efforts between, among, and within each of the leagues. Its most visible function is to oversee and conduct the All Star tournaments.

Another important function of the District is to see that the rules, regulations, and spirit of Little League is administered and enforced throughout the leagues that are within the jurisdiction of the District. The District is not here to run each league; it is here to assist each league in running their affairs. It is also obliged to ensure that Little League International’s standards and vision for the Little League program are adhered to in each league, from safety, to the selection of All Stars, to the drafting of teams, to the election of board members and officers.

District 16 Staff

District 16 Presidents

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