Loudoun South American Advances to Little League World Series

A year after being denied at the doorstep, Loudoun South American cleared its final obstacle to a first-ever trip to the Little League Baseball World Series in emphatic fashion August 7 in Warner Robins, Georgia.

Representing Virginia as state champions, Loudoun South scored four runs in the second inning and broke the game open with six runs in the fifth on its way to a 12-2 victory over Peachtree City (Georgia) in the Southeast Region championship game.

Loudoun South becomes the first team from Virginia to advance to the Little League World Series since 1994. In the process, Loudoun South avenged a 3-0 loss to Peachtree City in the 2018 Southeast Region title game.

“One of the things we said before we ran onto the field was finish the job, finish what we were not able to finish last year,” Loudoun South manager Alan Bowden said. “For us to finish it today was really special.”

The 16-team Little League World Series begins August 15 and continues through August 25 in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Full story by Carl Lukat, Loudoun Times-Mirror

Loudoun South American Dominates, Duplicates in 2019 Tournament Season

In 2019, District 16 crowned champions in five levels, four of those five sit atop the heads of the players and coaches of Loudoun South American. The only other league to hold District 16 honors this year is the Senior Division of Lower Loudoun Little League.

In the 8/9/10 tournament, hosted by Upper Loudoun Little League, the Loudoun South American team lost only once in their run up to the banner. Central Loudoun American forced the “if needed” game, but the Loudoun South American club fought back to win and capture back-to-back District Championships, punching their ticket to the Virginia State tournament.

The 9/10/11 tournament, hosted by Dulles Little League, featured an undefeated run by Loudoun South American in their quest for the banner. Securing the second championship in as many years for the dominant program as well as many of the players, who had won the previous year in the 8/9/10 level.

On the Little League side, in a tournament hosted by Central Loudoun Little League, the run was not as easy for the Loudoun South American team, as they suffered an early loss dropping them into the losers’ bracket and forcing a series of elimination games to earn a berth into the championship game against their brothers of Loudoun South National. Many of the players on this Loudoun South American team, which prevailed in 2018 at the 9/10/11 tournament, had been here before – facing elimination early in the tournament, so they knew the drill. Loudoun South National needed just one win in the best of two series, but failed to capture it and the Loudoun South American squad won both and the district. Also, a back-to-back achievement for the league.

Juniors, a tournament hosted by Loudoun South Little League, was a much shorter series featuring only two leagues – Loudoun South and Lower Loudoun and a best of three series. While Lower Loudoun captured the first game, it was Loudoun South hoisting the banner, taking the next two. While not a repeat for the league at this level, yet another banner added to the collection.

The Seniors division champions, Lower Loudoun Little League, advanced without play directly to the Virginia State tournament, in which they were the host league.

The District thanks all of its volunteers, Leagues and fans for a successful 2019 tournament season.

Follow us for updates on the numerous teams in VA State tournaments and beyond.

Freedom Park closed July 14

Freedom Park is closed tonight, Friday, July 14th, due to heavy rain and lightning.

The updated plan is to play the LL Championship game tomorrow at 1:30pm. The if-needed game is tentatively scheduled for Monday evening.

Game times and fields are subject to further change as we confirm field, volunteer, and umpire availability. Plus, of course, more weather.

Extreme Heat Policy

District 16 takes safety very seriously. We want to play baseball, but not at the risk of anyone’s health.

With the heat index expected to be over 100 on Thursday, July 13, everyone involved with District 16 tournaments should take a few minutes to familiarize themselves with the District 16 policy regarding play in extreme heat.

District 16 will follow the heat and humidity recommendations from Little League.

  • When the heat index is in the Extreme Danger (red) category, games and warmups will be suspended.
  • When the heat index is in the Danger (orange) category, we will take a 5-minute break at the end of the 2nd and 4th innings.
  • We will resume game activities only when it is safe and appropriate to do so.
  • We will use NOAA temperature, relative humidity, and heat index readings from the nearest available location. For Freedom Park in Leesburg, that is the weather station at Leesburg Executive Airport (KJYO).

Players, coaches, managers, umpires, and volunteers are encouraged (and should be reminded) to stay hydrated. We ask that everyone be vigilant. Fans should make sure family, friends, and neighbors in the stands are hydrating. Coaches should watch the players and other coaches. If anyone feels ill or sees someone showing signs of heat illness (no sweating, hot flushed skin), please alert tournament volunteers immediately.

Extreme heat conditions also tend to bring in thunderstorms, especially in the late afternoon and evening. District 16 follows the Loudoun County and Little League guidelines regarding lightning. If lightning is seen or thunder is heard, umpires will immediately suspend play for 30 minutes. Any additional lightning or thunder will reset the clock to 30 minutes. Players are to return to their cars and remain there until play can be resumed or the game is called.

Freedom Park and Haske are closed July 6

Freedom Park and Haske are closed tonight. All Thursday games, including the suspended games, are pushed to Friday 7/7.

  • At Haske, Friday’s Championship game is pushed to Saturday at 4:30pm. The if-needed game is pushed to Sunday at 4:30pm.
  • At Freedom Park, Friday’s games are pushed to Saturday morning. Saturday’s games will be moved to Good Times Park on Sunday afternoon.

All games and times are subject to further change as we confirm field, volunteer, and umpire availability. Plus, of course, weather.

For the suspended games now being resumed on Friday, the pitching rules (4g) posted last night still apply.

From the Green Book, page 133, rule 4h:

In a game (“Game A”) suspended by darkness, weather, or other causes and resumed more than one calendar day later, the provisions of (g) above shall apply…

Since we are still playing the games in order the pitcher won’t pitch in any game in between and the rest of rule 4h will not apply.

July 5 Suspended Games

With the rain coming through tonight, all games in progress were suspended for the evening.

  • 9-11 Game 14 at Haske was suspended after 2 innings, LSLLA 7 – DLLA 0.
  • LL Game 2 at Reavis was suspended in the 4th inning, 1 out, runners on 1st and 2nd for LSLLN, CLLLN 0 – LSLLN 1.

Each of these games will be continued Thursday at 5:30pm, with the regularly scheduled games to follow a half-hour after the continuation game finishes, but no earlier than the originally scheduled time (7pm and 6:30pm, respectively).

9-11 Game 13 at Round Hill Center was completed, LLLL 0 – CLLLA 1. LL Game 1 on Huber was in the 5th inning, and therefore is already an official game so it will not be continued. The final score is DLLN 1 – ULLLN 3.

Pitching for the resumed games, from the Green Book, page 113, rule 4g.

In a game suspended by darkness, weather, or other causes and resumed the following calendar day, the pitcher of record at the time the game was halted may continue to the extent of his/her eligibility, provided he/she delivered 40 or less pitches, and subject to each of these conditions:
1. If the pitcher delivered 20 or less pitches before the game was suspended, that pitcher’s pitch count will begin at zero for the continuation portion of the game.
2. If the pitcher delivered between 21 and 40 pitches before the game was suspended, that pitcher’s pitch count will begin with the number of pitches delivered in that game.

9-11 Game 14, LSLLA 7 – DLLA 0 after 2nd

LSLLA Krueger is at 35 pitches. If he continues as the pitcher on Thursday, his first pitch will be his 36th of the game. His days of rest will be based on his total pitches in both days of the game. If he continues Thursday, Friday will be his first day of rest. If he does not, Thursday will be his 1 required day of rest.

DLLA Scott is at 14 pitches. If he continues as the pitcher on Thursday, his pitch count will start fresh. His first pitch will be pitch number 1.

LL Game 2, CLLLN 0 – LSLLN 1 top 4th

CLLLN Nordeen is at 56 pitches. LSLLN Lechner is at 43 pitches. Neither player can continue as the pitcher on Thursday.

Teams can take batting practice as scheduled while the continuation games are being played. They are allowed up to 10 minutes of fielding practice.