Tournament Information Sessions

The District Staff would like to come out and meet with each league prior to tournament time. We suggest that the league’s All Star managers, board members, and volunteers attend.

We can answer any questions about rules, procedure, safety, managing the tournament roster, affidavits, how to check your equipment, etc. We can take time to go over tips on tournament play and review what-ifs and advice on how to handle game situations (which we cannot advise you on during games). We can train scorekeepers on how to keep score and what needs to be tracked.

We will go over a lot of the same material in the manager meetings on June 26, but time on that day is much more limited and we set the agenda. These information sessions can be open to more people and we can spend more time going over just what you want.

Send email to me at to schedule a date, time, and agenda and I’ll coordinate with the other staff members.

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