Haske closed 7/6

Heavy rain just moved through parts (and only parts) of Purcellville. Haske is unplayable tonight. 

The 9-10 Year-Old Championship is postponed until Tuesday, 7/7, at 7pm. The if needed game is scheduled for Wednesday, 7/8. 

Good Times Park closed

Update: Game 13 will be played on Founders on Sunday, July 5, at 1:00PM. Game 14 will played afterwards at 4:00PM.

Good Times Park was looking good earlier, but a new line of rain showers came through and flooded the park.

LL games 13 (LSLLN vs. ULLLA) and 14 (DLLA vs. LLLL) will be rescheduled for Sunday, July 5.

9-10 Game at RHC Moved to Friday

5:55PM Update: Game 15 will start at 6:45PM. Game 16 will play tonight at Haske, with a projected start time of 8:30PM. 

4:45PM Update: There is a possibility that Game 16 (originally at RHC) could be played tonight at Haske after Game 15. Stay tuned.

Tonight’s 9-10 game at Round Hill Center has been canceled due to field conditions.

The game at Haske is on as scheduled.

Game 16 will be played at Haske on Friday, July 3, at 7:00PM. Game 17 is tentatively pushed back to Sunday, July 5, 7:00PM. We may need further adjustments based on weather and volunteer availability.

Helmet Decal Policy

The District has documentation from the following manufacturers that decals on their helmets are permitted.

Each manufacturer has significant restrictions that must be followed to use decals on the helmet so as not to void the warranty. In particular, stickers cannot be larger than 20% of the helmet surface area in most cases and cannot cover the NOCSAE or other stamps. Please read the respective letter for details.

District 16 is in possession of these letters, which are considered “approval in writing by the helmet manufacturer” for purposes of rule 1.16. Other manufacturer helmets, including those manufactured by parent, sibling, or child companies of these companies, are not covered by this approval.

Individual players are not required to carry a copy of the letter with them at District 16 Tournament games. Players that advance beyond District 16 play should print out and carry a hard copy with them.

10-11 Start Times Adjusted

Today’s games at Crittenden will have adjusted start times. Field conditions on Field #2 are poor, but improving.

Game 1 on Field #2 is currently scheduled for a 3:00PM start, but that may be adjusted as the field conditions are evaluated.

Game 2 on Field #1 is expected to start at 1:00PM.

Game 4 on Field #1 may be pushed to start slightly early (3:30PM?) in order to allow Game 3 to be played on Field #1 afterwards if possible.

Teams are advised to arrive early and remain flexible as we do our best to get all games played today.

All games cancelled Saturday, 6/27

Due to field conditions, all games in the 9-10 Year-Old Baseball and 10-11 Year-Old Baseball tournaments have been cancelled for today. The games will be played instead on Sunday.

9-10 Year-Old Baseball at Haske

  • Game 7: Sunday, June 28 at 3:00PM
  • Game 8: Sunday, June 28 at 6:00PM

10-11 Year-Old Baseball at Crittenden

  • Game 1: Sunday, June 28 at 12:45PM
  • Game 2: Sunday, June 28 at 1:00PM
  • Game 3: Sunday, June 28 at 3:45PM
  • Game 4: Sunday, June 28 at 4:00PM

9-10 Game 4 Suspended

9-10 Game 4 at Haske Field was suspended last night in the bottom of the 6th inning due to lightning. It will be resumed at 6pm tonight at Haske.

Game 5 will follow a half-hour after the continuation game finishes, but no earlier than the originally scheduled time (7pm).

Pitching for the resumed game, from the Green Book, page T-13, rule 4g.

In a game suspended by darkness, weather, or other causes and resumed the following calendar day, the pitcher of record at the time the game was halted may continue to the extent of his/her eligibility, provided he/she delivered 40 or less pitches, and subject to each of these conditions:
1. If the pitcher delivered 20 or less pitches before the game was suspended, that pitcher’s pitch count will begin at zero for the continuation portion of the game;
2. If the pitcher delivered between 21 and 40 pitches before the game was suspended, that pitcher’s pitch count will begin with the number of pitches delivered in that game;

Game 5
Game 5 will start 30 minutes after the continuation game before them ends, but no earlier than their originally scheduled time. Teams can take batting practice as scheduled while the continuation games are being played. They are allowed up to 10 minutes of fielding practice.