Challenger Division Director Wendy Melcher Named Southeastern Region Volunteer of the Year

Wendy Melcher, left, was named the 2016 Little League Southeastern Region Challenger Division Volunteer of the Year after receiving a nomination from former Dulles Little League President Jim Klock, right.

When Dulles Little League Challenger Division Director Wendy Melcher first started volunteering with the Challenger Division in Loudoun County nearly two decades ago, she never dreamed of the success the new program would have in the rural suburbs of Washington, D.C. But through her dedication, the division has grown from two teams in 1997 to eight teams in 2016.

On June 14, the Little League Southeastern Region named Melcher the 2016 Challenger Division Volunteer of the Year. Continue reading

Score Keepers and Pitch Counters

While we appreciate the interest in the pitch counts and scoring of the game, fans and coaches alike are reminded that the score keepers, pitch counters, and other tournament officials are there to administer the games being played. Managers and coaches can ask for a pitch count or score, etc. from the table at any time. As a courtesy, that offer will also be extended to a team scorekeeper that has been introduced to the table before game time.

Pitch counts will not be provided to parents, fans, coaches of other teams, players, etc.

Baseball Big Field All-Stars Eligibility

We’ve heard several complaints about players not making their league’s All-Star team. That is a common occurrence, but this year a common theme is a misunderstanding of who is eligible for which team, especially at the older ages.

For baseball divisions playing on the big field (Juniors, Seniors, and Big League), the players are eligible primarily by age — not by which division they played in during the regular season.

  • Players league age 12, 13, or 14 that played in the Juniors or Seniors division (including the “Middle School teams”) could be eligible for the Juniors All-Stars.
  • Players league age 13, 14, 15, or 16 that played in the Juniors, Seniors (including the “Middle School teams”), or Big League division could be eligible for the Seniors All-Stars.
  • Players league age 15, 16, 17, or 18 that played in the Seniors (including the “Middle School teams”) or Big League division could be eligible for the Big League All-Stars.

All ages refer to League Age.

For instance, some Juniors players who may have been standouts in their division during the regular season might be surprised to find that the Juniors All-Stars are largely made up of players from the Middle School teams (which are Seniors teams). But keep in mind that the most talented 13 and 14 year-olds may have playing up at the higher level.  Likewise with the Seniors All-Stars being filled by 15 and 16 year-old Big League players.

Neither Virginia District 16 nor Little League International has any input into which particular players are selected. Local leagues may put additional restrictions, as long as they continue to meet the rules set forth in the Green Book. These local rules are most often discussed and voted on during your league’s General Membership Meetings. If you wish to change the local rules, get involved with your league and attend the General Membership Meetings. Leagues are always looking for additional volunteers.

Affidavit Reviews

Attention all Player Agents: Affidavit reviews for all tournament teams in all divisions, baseball and softball, will be held June 9, 10, and 11 in Leesburg. Contact Jill Gotimer to arrange a time slot.

Final reviews will be on the evenings of June 13, 14, and 16. June 16 will be your last chance to get affidavits approved.

If you are advancing without District play, you still must have an approved affidavit. These dates apply to you as well.

Mandatory Managers Meeting

The District 16 Tournament Managers meetings for 2016 are scheduled for June 12 at Bull Run Golf Club in Haymarket.

Managers are required to attend. Do not just send a representative; the manager is required to attend. Coaches and team scorekeepers are welcome.

We will review tournament rules and go over game day procedures and schedules as well as ground rules. Tournament Directors and District Staff will be on hand to answer questions. Coin flips for home/away for the first round will also be done.

  • 9-10 Year-Old, 10-11 Year-Old, and Little League Baseball: 10:00AM
  • Juniors and Seniors Baseball: noon

Managers and coaches from divisions that are advancing without a District Tournament are invited to attend.