2017 9-11 Year-Old Baseball Tournament

Hosted by Upper Loudoun Little League at Haske Field in Purcellville and Round Hill Center in Round Hill. The Tournament Director is Kerry Rice.

Double Elimination Bracket

(H/3rd) DLLN 10
Game 2: Haske (  ) DLLN
Tuesday, June 27 6:30PM Winner Game 2
(V/1st) ULLLA 6  
  Game 9: Haske  
  Saturday, July 1 4:00PM Winner Game 9
(V/1st) LSLLA    
  Game 3: RHC    
Wednesday, June 28 6:00PM Winner Game 3  
(H/3rd) LLLL  
Game 13: RHC  
Wednesday, July 5 6:00PM Winner Game 13
(H/3rd) DLLA    
(H/1st) CLLLN 7 Game 5: RHC  
Thursday, June 29 6:00PM Winner Game 5    
Game 1: RHC (V/1st) CLLLN      
Tuesday, June 27 6:00PM Winner Game 1      
(V/3rd) LSLLN 3 Game 10: Haske  
Saturday, July 1 7:00PM Winner Game 10
(H/3rd) CLLLA   Championship: Haske  
    Friday, July 7 6:30PM Winner Game 16
Game 4: Haske      
Wednesday, June 28 7:00PM Winner Game 4    
(V/1st) ULLLN    
Loser Game 13    
(V/1st) LSLLN        
Loser Game 1 Loser Game 10      
Game 6: Haske   Game 12: Haske   Game 15: Haske   if needed: Haske  
Thursday, June 29 7:00PM Winner Game 6 Monday, July 3 7:00PM Winner Game 12 Thursday, July 6 7:00PM Winner Game 15 Saturday, July 8 10:00AM Virginia District 16 Champion
(H/3rd) ULLLA Game 8: Haske        
Loser Game 2 Saturday, July 1 1:00PM Winner Game 8      
Loser Game 3 Game 14: Haske    
  Wednesday, July 5 6:30PM Winner Game 14  
Loser Game 5    
Game 7: Haske      
Saturday, July 1 10:00AM Winner Game 7    
  Game 11: RHC    
Loser Game 4 Monday, July 3 6:00PM Winner Game 11 Loser Game 16
Loser Game 9

The tournament uses a double-elimination format.

Warmups start 70 minutes before game time. Each team gets 25 minutes of cage time in a single cage. Five minutes after the end of the cage time, the visitors get 10 minutes of infield time, followed by the home team.

All days with and without scheduled games, including Sundays, may be used for completing postponed or suspended games. Times, locations, and schedules may be adjusted due to weather or other issues. Please plan accordingly.

Coin flips will take place at the first earliest opportunity, usually just after the games end the night before. If the team is not represented at the time of the flip, a District Staff member will stand in. They will take home if given the opportunity, or the 1st base dugout.