10-11 Year-Old Baseball Tournament

Upper Loudoun Little League National won, and will represent District 16 at the Virginia State Tournament in D-3 Woodstock/Eddinburg!

Hosted by Lower Loudoun Little League at Cobb Field and Pioneer Field in Sterling. The Tournament Director is Kristy Simonich.

Bracket Games

(H) ULLLN 11    
Winner Pool A    
Game 13: Pioneer (V) ULLLN 4  
Saturday, July 5 10:00AM Winner Game 13  
(V) DLLA 10    
Runner-up Pool B    
  Championship: Cobb ULLLN
  Sunday, July 6 1:00PM Virginia District 16 Champion
(V) LLLL 3    
Winner Pool B    
Game 14: Cobb (H) CLLLN 3  
Saturday, July 5 10:30AM Winner Game 14  
(H) CLLLN 6    
Runner-up Pool A    


Pool A Pool B
1. Upper Loudoun National (3-0)
2. Central Loudoun National (2-1)
3. Loudoun South (1-2)
4. Dulles National (0-3)
1. Lower Loudoun (2-1, 0.824 RAR)
2. Dulles American (2-1, 1.178 RAR, beat ULLLA)
3. Upper Loudoun American (2-1, 0.875 RAR, lost to DLLA)
4. Central Loudoun American (0-3)

Pool Play Games

Date/Time Field Game
Saturday, June 28 10:00AM Pioneer G1: (H) CLLLN 6 vs. (V) LSLL 4
10:30AM Cobb G2: (H) CLLLA 2 vs. (V) LLLL 8
1:30PM Cobb G3: (V) DLLN 6 vs. (H) ULLLN 14
1:00PM Pioneer G4: (H) DLLA 12 vs. (V) ULLLA 2
Monday, June 30 6:00PM Pioneer G5: (V) CLLLN 12 vs. (H) DLLLN 1
6:30PM Cobb G6: (H) CLLLA 4 vs. (V) DLLA 11
Tuesday, July 1 6:30PM Cobb G7: (V) LSLL 3 vs. (H) ULLLN 7
6:00PM Pioneer G8: (V) LLLL 2 vs. (H) ULLLA 7
Wednesday, July 2 6:00PM Pioneer G9: (H) CLLLN 8 vs. (V) ULLLN 10
6:30PM Cobb G10: (V) CLLLA 0 vs. (H) ULLLA 5
Friday, July 4 10:30AM Cobb G11: (H) LSLL 15 vs. (V) DLLN 5
10:00AM Pioneer G12: (V) LLLL 13 vs. (H) DLLA 5

The tournament plays round robin within two pools of 4 teams each, with the top 2 teams from each pool playing a single elimination round. Pool B ended in a 3-way tie for first, with Upper Loudoun American, Dulles American, and Lower Loudoun all ending with a 2-1 record. Since only two teams advance, Little League tie breakers were applied to determine the top two of the three teams. See the explanation.

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