Helmet Decal Policy

The District has documentation from the following manufacturers that decals on their helmets are permitted.

Each manufacturer has significant restrictions that must be followed to use decals on the helmet so as not to void the warranty. In particular, stickers cannot be larger than 20% of the helmet surface area in most cases and cannot cover the NOCSAE or other stamps. Please read the respective letter for details.

District 16 is in possession of these letters, which are considered “approval in writing by the helmet manufacturer” for purposes of rule 1.16. Other manufacturer helmets, including those manufactured by parent, sibling, or child companies of these companies, are not covered by this approval.

Individual players are not required to carry a copy of the letter with them at District 16 Tournament games. Players that advance beyond District 16 play should print out and carry a hard copy with them.

2017 Tournament Resources

Little League’s web site has a page of tournament resources for managers and leagues preparing for the International Tournament. You can read rules changes, tournament FAQs, affidavits and other forms, etc.

District 16 has put together some of our own information that we review with the scorekeepers and managers at the managers meeting.

Those resources are focused on our District Tournaments, so they are baseball-oriented and primarily for Juniors and below.

2017 District Tournament Schedules

Tentative District Tournament schedules have been posted. Not all times and locations are finalized, but the dates should be pretty close to final. Keep in mind that they may change before and during each of the tournaments.

Also, all days with and without scheduled games, including Sundays and July 4, may be used for completing postponed or suspended games. Times, locations, and schedules may be adjusted due to weather or other issues. Please plan accordingly.

Umpire Applications for 2017 Regional and World Series

Here are the applications for the 2017 Regional & World Series Tournaments. Please note, the 2017 Volunteer Application hasn’t been issued yet, so Southeastern Region said to use the 2016 version and just cross out “2016” and write in “2017”.

Please download, fill them out and get them back to Jim Vincent before October 21st so he can review them with the DA and ensure they are complete before they send them down to SER by the November 1 deadline.

Please note – there will be no “Big League Division” in 2017. Little League has eliminated that program.

Please call or email Jim Vincent if you have any questions, or if you need an electronic version to fill out and sign digitally. Good Luck!

Congrats to all the VA District 16 teams!

Congratulations to all the teams that are going on to represent us at the respective VA State tournaments.

  • Loudoun Girls Little League Softball 9-10 Year-Old Softball at D-3 Bridgewater
  • Loudoun South Little League American 9-10 Year-Old Baseball at D-10 Manassas
  • Upper Loudoun Little League National 10-11 Year-Old Baseball at D-11 Honaker
  • Central Loudoun Little League American Little League Baseball at D-8 Norfolk
  • Greater Fauquier Baseball Little League Intermediate Baseball at D-15 Bowling Green
  • Lower Loudoun Little League Junior League Baseball at D-13 Pound
  • Greater Fauquier Baseball Little League Senior League Baseball at D-5 Henrico