Mandatory Managers Meetings

The District 16 Tournament Managers meetings are scheduled for June 14 at Bull Run Golf Club.

Managers are required to attend. Do not just send a representative; the manager is required to attend. Coaches are welcomed.

We will review tournament rules and go over game day procedures and schedules as well as ground rules.

  • 9-10 Year-Old, 10-11 Year-Old, and Little League Baseball: June 14 5:00PM
  • All Softball divisions: June 14 6:30PM
  • Juniors, Seniors, Big League Baseball: June 14 8:00PM

Managers and coaches from divisions that are advancing without a District Tournament are invited to attend the appropriate session.

2 thoughts on “Mandatory Managers Meetings

    • Little League does not have velocity restrictions for pitchers at any level. Little League uses pitch count restrictions and rest periods for all baseball divisions to protect a pitcher’s arm.


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