Mandatory Managers Meetings

The District 16 Tournament Managers meetings are scheduled for June 22 and June 29.

Managers are required to attend. Coaches are welcomed.

We will review tournament rules and go over game day procedures and schedules as well as ground rules. We will do coin flips for home/away/dugout. You will be able to do a field walk through.

  • Seniors Baseball: June 29 7:00PM at Claude Moore Park in Sterling. Meet at the bleachers at Field 4.
  • Juniors Baseball: June 29 4:30PM at Freedom High School in South Riding.
  • Little League Baseball: June 22 3:30PM at Freedom Park in Leesburg. Meet at Reavis Field.
  • 10-11 Year-Old Baseball: June 22 6:00PM at Cobb Field in Sterling.
  • 9-10 Year-Old Baseball: June 22 1:00PM at Haske Field in Purcellville. Walk through at Round Hill Center to follow.
  • 9-10 Year-Old Softball: June 22 3:00PM at Freedom Park in Leesburg. Meet at Reavis Field.

Managers and coaches from other divisions, including those that are advancing without a District Tournament, are invited to attend whichever session is most appropriate and/or convenient.

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