2013 District Baseball Tournament Dates

Here are the dates and locations for the 2013 District 16 Baseball Tournaments:

  • 9-10 Year-Olds: June 25 to July 3 hosted by ULLL at Haske Field and Round Hill Center in Pucellville.
  • 10-11 Year-Olds: June 27 to July 5 hosted by LLLL at Cobb Field and Pioneer Field in Sterling.
  • Little League: July 1 to July 9 hosted by CLLL at Freedom Park in Leesburg.
  • Juniors: July 5 to July 7 hosted by LSLL at Freedom High School in South Riding.
  • Seniors: June 29 to June 30. Host and location to be determined.

Dates may change due to weather, field conditions, etc. Game schedules will be announced at a later date.

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