Suspended game: 9-10 Game 6 LLLLN vs LLLLA

In the 9-10 Year-Old Tournament, Game 6 LLLLN vs LLLLA on Tuesday night was suspended due to weather. It will be resumed on Wednesday, July 4, at Freedom Park, immediately upon the completion of the first game there, probably a little after noon.

Batting practice for both teams will begin at 11:30AM. When the field is available LLLLN will take infield first, so that LLLLA can remain in the field to resume the game. Infield time may be reduced to prepare the field for play if needed.

Managers and coaches are encouraged to review Rule 4g on page T-14 of the green book to familiarize themselves with the pitching rules in the continuation of suspended games.

The pitcher of record may continue pitching if they threw 40 or less pitches tonight

  • If they threw 20 or less pitches, they will start their pitch count at 0 tomorrow
  • If they threw 21 to 40 pitches, they will start their pitch count at the number they left off
  • If they threw 41 or more pitches, they must observe the appropriate days of rest before they can pitch again

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