Bob Huber

It is with regret that District 16 reports the passing of Bob Huber, for whom Bob Huber Field at Freedom Park is named.

Bob Huber was an integral part of Little League in Leesburg, serving in Central Loudoun Little League for 25 years from 1969 until 1994. He was instrumental is getting fields for Little League.

At the 2008 9-10 Year-Old State Tournament that CLLL hosted at Freedom Park he was at the park everyday, watching games on his field. Everyday he’d come into the park and head directly over to his field, and everyday the golf cart drivers would stop by to offer Mr. Huber a ride. And everyday (save one when it was just too hot) he’d politely turn them down, walk over to the stands at Huber Field, and just sit down to enjoy the ball game. Everybody at the fields knew who he was, and would stop by to meet the man for whom the field was named.

After that tournament, his son Dan Huber (who produced that year’s program as well as this year’s tournament program) said:

He had the time of his life watching (and being a part of) State Tournament baseball, while playing the unexpected celebrity role with players, parents and grandparents that approached him to say hello, shake his hand, and even take photos with him. He truly enjoyed his day(s) in the sun!

On behalf of District 16 and Little League, our thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends.

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