Little League Games in Purcellville Suspended

Both Games 11 and 12 in the Little League Tournament in Purcellville were suspended tonight due to rain and lightning.

Game 11 at Round Hill Center was suspended in the top of the 4th inning with 2 out and runners on 1st and 2nd. The score is currently LLLLA 0 – DLLA 10. Game 11 will be continued at Haske Field at 6:00PM on Tuesday, July 12.

Game 12 at Haske Field was suspended after the 2nd inning. The score is currently LLLLN 2 – ULLLA 1. Game 12 will be continued immediately after Game 11 on Tuesday, July 12. Both teams should be prepared to begin play by 6:30PM.

In both games, batting cage time and/or infield practice time will be subject to weather conditions and field preparedness, at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Be prepared to have abbreviated warm ups.

Managers and coaches are encouraged to review Rule 4g on page T-15 of the green book to familiarize themselves with the pitching rules in the continuation of suspended games.

  • The pitcher of record may continue pitching if they threw 40 or less pitches tonight
    • If they threw 20 or less pitches, they will start their pitch count at 0 tomorrow
    • If they threw 21 to 40 pitches, they will start their pitch count at the number they left off
    • If they threw 41 or more pitches, they must observe the appropriate days of rest before they can pitch again

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